Fruit and Nut Cream Cheese Hack


1/2 a slab of lowest carb fruit and nut cream cheese you can find (ie read the label) = approx 13 g carbs

1 x 250g philly cream cheese LIGHT =9.75g carbs

1 x tsp cinnamon

stevia to taste

4 x drops vanilla

desiccated coconut as needed (DO NOT MIX THIS) I used a cup = 6 g carbs

1 x bowl for mixing and 1 x dinner plate or lamington tin for rolling and 1 plastic container


You could leave the cheeses to soften at room temperature OR you may microwave on DEFROST for 1 minute.

Spread coconut over desired rolling surface.

Mix everything else in bowl. It will give your muscles a good workout.

Unceremoniously dump the cheese on top of the coconut, cover with coconut so you can shape the cheese into a log.

Slice a slab of the cheese, slice that piece into 1/4s then roll into bite size pieces covering with coconut. Place balls into appropriate plastic container for refrigeration.

Repeat then refrigerate.


Rounded up to 30g of carbs in total. Coincidently I rolled 30 balls.

Total per ball 1g of carb! Gotta be happy with that!